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       Physiotherapy is a branch of science that includes studies aimed at eliminating or minimizing disorders in the skeletal system and muscles, nervous system damage, and functional disorders in the nervous system due to various reasons. Physiotherapy graduates also play a role in the treatment of health problems that may occur due to symptoms that may develop from birth or during birth. Nervous system disorders that occur in the body as a result of negative situations such as any accident, fever, or trauma, and problems that are likely to be permanent, require physical therapy. Physiotherapy graduates create individual-specific exercise programs and carry out studies to eliminate health problems or minimize problems in the areas where the disorders spread. Physiotherapy, supported by ever-developing technology, aims to improve people's quality of life. 
        The field of Physiotherapy also deals with health problems such as low back pain and hernia, neck pain and hernia, partial paralysis, finger and hand damage, spinal cord injuries, crushing and bending that may occur during sports or over time. People who work with doctors on patient complaints carry out studies to eliminate health problems using light, sound or movement methods.

          When physiotherapy graduates start their working lives, they take care of people who have physical health problems, whether congenital or due to any reason, and carry out various studies to help them live their lives with better quality. They improve the quality of life of patients by guiding them through exercises and collaborating with technological devices and experts.